A good brand knows why its different, has a clear purpose and is authentic. Let’s get to the core of what makes you unique and create an identity that truly reflects this.

Branding is much more than just logo design and is hands down the most important part of marketing your business. This process establishes your business’s values, personality and your positioning in the market.

To create a brand that’s engaging, memorable and leaves a lasting impression I believe it requires honesty and fearlessness. I’ve never heard someone say “I just want my business to be ordinary and be ignored”. So let’s be brave and make something memorable and that will be adored.

Over the years I’ve found my clients walk away from my branding process with a new drive and excitement about their business. I think this is not only because everything looks awesome but there is a clear direction for the future.

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My process


This step usually involves coffee, brainstorming and really getting into the reasons why you went into business, what drives you, what your goals are and how you want to position yourself in the sea of competitors.


Ok so we all have a clear picture of what you want your brand to be and who we will be talking to. I then get stuck into some research, look for inspiration in weird places and organise some ideas you to help choose a direction to head in.


Time to bring our ideas to life! I use our discussions, brainstorming and research to develop a brand that’s a reflection of your values and goals. Through this process we will create a brand that your dream customers will adore and will make you excited to get out there and slay the competition.

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